Mission Hump Day! (Aug 5th letter)

Elder Skyler Rushton at Vancouver Temple

Hello everyone! I’m e-mailing today (Tuesday) because yesterday was B.C. day! AKA. Another random Canadian holiday they celebrate just so people don’t have to work and so they can close the libraries. So exactly a year from today is the day I go home from my mission! Whoah, [...]

From “Magic Underwear?” To Mini-Missionary

Vancouver British Columbia Temple

Hello friends and family! They are having some kind of random pirate dance party in the corner of the library I am e-mailing at… So please forgive me if this e-mail seems a bit scatter brained!

So this week was CRAZY! So long! The highlight of the week was our [...]

Skyler has been home this long-

  • Skyler has been home for:
    5 years, 11 months, 21 days, 23 hours, 18 minutes, 19 seconds ago