Mission Hump Day! (Aug 5th letter)

Elder Skyler Rushton

Elder Skyler Rushton at Vancouver Temple

Hello everyone! I’m e-mailing today (Tuesday) because yesterday was B.C. day! AKA. Another random Canadian holiday they celebrate just so people don’t have to work and so they can close the libraries. So exactly a year from today is the day I go home from my mission! Whoah, where did THAT come from?? I’ve been out a YEAR?!?! Seriously everyone, I can’t even believe it myself. Oh well, mission life goes on!

So yesterday we were at the mission office and I got a letter from my trainer Elder Sly… It was his wedding invitation haha!! Well congratulations Randy Jo Sly, you got married within three months of being home, just like I called it from the day I learned about your girlfriend. Haha, kind of sad I can’t go, but I’ll be there in spirit :)

Well, all of the 52 weeks I’ve been on my mission have been crazy in one way or another, and this week was no different. On Monday, we played mini-golf with the members of our district and then taught a less-active family where the husband is going through chemo treatment. We gave him a blessing a couple months ago at the beginning of his treatment and on Monday, it was actually his wife (who is more less-active than he is) who asked if we would give him another! We happily agreed, and it turned out to be our most spiritual visit with that family ever! After that, we went and taught a former investigator who I will refer to as “Conspiracy Chris”, you can probably guess why. To sum up his crazy ideas: The holocaust didn’t happen, the wealth in the world is controlled by the Jewish people, JFK’s assasination happened differently than was reported and 9/11 was planned by a Jewish person to help him get more money. Anyways, that was a weird lesson and Chris is an odd duck, but it went pretty well. As we left his house, we walked past a bar and a group of friends sitting outside at a table started talking to us. It started off kind of as a joke, but it actually turned into a quality gospel conversation! Then, Satan intervened. Two punks we see all the time in downtown Langley showed up out of nowhere¬†and started anti-ing the people we were talking to. Then the people we first started talking to started to stand up for us and yell at the two punks! Then… a bar fight almost broke out, and Elder Bennett and I had to duck out before anything happened. Now that was crazy!

On Tuesday, we were on exchanges and I was in Willoughby with Elder Sloan and Elder Zamano! It was a lot of fun! Elder Sloan is the one with down syndrome, so he is with Willoughby Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday during the day. He is a great missionary and so full of love! Also, his favorite thing in the world to do is eat perogies! So… that’s all the Willoughby Elders feed him! And that is all he eats while he is with them! They aren’t the healthies things in the world, and I did some math while I was up in Willoughby… They feed Elder Sloan 14 pounds of perogies a week. Haha oh man… so I committed Elder Zamano to feeding Elder Sloan some fruits and veggies next week.

Wednesday, our old district leader Elder Bullock showed up randomly on vacation with his family! So it was good to see him. Thursday was a pretty normal weekly planning day and Friday I was on exchanges again with an Elder Eschrich from Pittsburgh. He has only been out a week and I was his first exchange, so we had a fun time together! We taught lessons ALL DAY and got double big Mac’s (a Canadian specialty!) in between some lessons! It was a good day, and it was fun to be with a new missionary!

On Sunday, we had two investigators, Conspiracy Chris and a guy named Al, come to church! We also had three less-actives come as well, so that was good. Yesterday I got to travel to the mission president’s house for the first time ever in Richmond! So that was fun! We got to see a lot of the lower mainland on the drive too, so that always makes for a good time! Well I’m running out of time today; this week was just so crazy, I can’t fit it all into the letter! But just know that I love all of you still and that as I look back on my time in the mission, I have loved my mission thus far. God is so good. Well everyone, I’ll talk to you later! Love you bye!


Elder Rushton The Third

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