Mini-Missionaries? So am I a Mega-Missionary?!

Elder Skyler Rushton with his companions.

Hello my family and friends! We had TWO mini-missionaries with us this week. (Young Men that are 16-17 getting ready to serve missions)

Needless to say, it was another crazy week. But definitely one to write home about!

So P-day was a P-day–we got lost looking for somewhere [...]

The “Calm” Before the Storm

Skyler by a missile.

Hello everyone! It was yet another week in the Urban Canadian Jungle of Langley, B.C. Last week, we had our first mini-missionary of the summer and this next week we get to have TWO back-to-back mini-missionaries with two priests from our ward! We have another convert coming with us Tuesday [...]

Skyler has been home this long-

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