Mini-Missionaries? So am I a Mega-Missionary?!

Skyler and companions

Elder Skyler Rushton with his companions.

Hello my family and friends! We had TWO mini-missionaries with us this week. (Young Men that are 16-17 getting ready to serve missions)

Needless to say, it was another crazy week. But definitely one to write home about!

So P-day was a P-day–we got lost looking for somewhere to pick blackberries and then we visited a Brother in the ward. His son was the director of “Saints and Soldiers” and “Forever Strong”, so we talked about that for the most part.  Then we visited one of our mini-missionary families to give him his name tag and planner for his mini-mission!

Tuesday morning we picked him up and headed to Burnaby for a Lower Mainland zone conference with President and Sister Burt, and their two sons Corey and Brandon. It was an excellent meeting! Both of President Burt’s kids served in France and they gave excellent trainings on getting along with companions and doing effective missionary work together. Then we took a picture with all of the missionaries before we headed back to Langley. We ate at a Dairy Queen in Surrey on the way home, and I knew Surrey was a ghetto before, but I never realized that they would have bars on the windows of their fast food restaurants! So that was nuts.

Then we got back to Langley and taught some really good lessons with our mini Elder! We got to take him tracting and contacting with us too, so it was a full day! He is only 16 but man, he held up like a champ. When he turns 18 that boy will be ready to serve a mission! Wednesday, the second day of his mini-mission, we went on exchanges with the zone leaders so unfortunately I wasn’t able to be with him his second day.  But they said he did AWESOME and Elder Atwood and I had a spectacular time in the Langley YSA area! For example, we taught a pregnant girl the law of chastity while she was in the hospital about to give birth  –her second child to be exact. This one is also going up for adoption. Needless to say, that was a unique lesson! And just for kicks we taught the Word of Wisdom too. It went great! She accepted both and she is on track to get baptized on September 20th! She is supposed to have the baby today  (Monday) and then when she gets out of the hospital, she will be able to come to church enough times to be baptized. Yay for crazy experiences on your mission!

We exchanged companions  back Thursday morning so Elder Bennett and I could take our mini Missionary home and it was sure tough to say goodbye to him! We had a great time on his mini-mission; but we also knew that we could potentially do it again sometime, so it wasn’t too hard! We said goodbyes and then Elder Bennett and I went home to weekly plan. While we were planning, the Assistants called to tell us to drive into Richmond so President could talk with us. On the way there, we both didn’t trust Elder Bennett’s GPS and ended up getting off on the wrong exit–placing us right in downtown Vancouver. So that was crazy, but I had never been there, so it was fun! I got some great pictures and eventually we ended up in Richmond! President just wanted to see how the first mini-mission went and while we were in the Mission Office, the Richmond relief society was having a dinner so we got ribs!! Another pretty awesome day.

Friday morning, we picked up another Mini Elder and started his mini-mission with a great companionship study session! During their mini-mission’s, they are with us 24/7 and are basically normal missionaries for the next three days. We had just as much fun with this Elder as we did with the other one! He is 17 but when his mission time rolls around, he will be ready. He sells his window washing services door to door, so tracting wasn’t too different for him to do. He is a really good teacher too! So after the first day, the zone leaders did another mini-exchange with us the second day and two Elders and I ended up teaching the pregnant girl in the hospital again! This time, we taught the law of tithing! It went great! Our Mini-Elder  bore a solid testimony on paying tithing, and the lesson went without a hitch. When we exchanged back, we went to a baptism in our ward. His sister was a member, and the Sisters in the ward were the ones that taught him (mainly because Elder Bennett and I could never get past his own sister to teach him haha…) and finally got him baptized! This was our ward’s second baptism in two weeks, so hopefully we can keep this momentum up. That was pretty much it that happened for Saturday!

Sunday, we were told that the choir director wanted the three of us to sing prelude music for sacrament meeting, so that was fun! Then, because one of our Mini Elders is one of the few Priests in the ward, they needed him to help bless the sacrament and I got to do it too! It was the first time I had blessed the sacrament on my mission, and luckily I didn’t mess up at all. My companion, Elder Bennett gave a talk in sacrament meeting and really just ended up talking about the experiences we had with the mini-missionaries over the last week. The ward LOVED hearing about their young men coming out with us being missionaries! Our Mini Elder also got lots of compliments on his name tag that Elder Bennett and I had made for him (we just covered my name on one of mine with a piece of paper and put his last name on it). His Dad, also came up to us and thanked us for taking his son on a mini-mission. It was pretty great. After church, we packed up his stuff and took him home. It was sad saying goodbye, but Elder Bennett and I officially have no food now because our mini-missionaries cleaned us out!!!

I am so thankful for the chance we had to be with those two great young men this week. They are both really great, and I think it helped them prepare for their missions more than anything else they could do! Fun, fun times.

Well that’s about it for this week! Next week is Labor Day, so I may not be e-mailing until Tuesday. Also, transfer calls are next Monday -Sept 1st (can you believe it?!) so I might know if I’m leaving or staying by next Tuesday! I hope you all have a really great week and that you enjoy this last bit of summer we’ve got! I love all of you! I will talk to you later!


–Elder Rushton The Third


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