The “Calm” Before the Storm

Skyler by a missile

Skyler by a missile.

Hello everyone! It was yet another week in the Urban Canadian Jungle of Langley, B.C. Last week, we had our first mini-missionary of the summer and this next week we get to have TWO back-to-back mini-missionaries with two priests from our ward! We have another convert coming with us Tuesday to Thursday and then another Priest is coming with us Friday to Sunday. It is sure to be crazy, but we will all have a good time!

So on Monday we played basketball for a couple hours in Pitt Meadows during P-day, and then we taught our friend Conspiracy C! He went off again on the Holocaust, but we were able to bring it back to the gospel and had a pretty good lesson with him! That was about it for the day.

On Tuesday we had to travel to a chapel in Surrey for a meeting, and I got to meet Elder Sloan’s mom! Elder Sloan is the Elder in our district with Down syndrome. We told her about how all he would eat is perogies and that he said that’s all he ate at home. She laughed and told us that he was totally playing us!! She was like, “We NEVER eat perogies at home! They are so bad for you! He has been conning the Elders in your district the whole time!” Haha, we had a pretty good laugh, and then she told us to never feed him perogies again! So we called the Willoughby Elders and told them his mom had banned perogies. Then they told Elder Sloan… and then ten minutes later Elder Sloan called his mom crying ha-ha! She picked up the phone and told him, “No Elder Sloan. We have to eat good food to be good missionaries! Now have a great day honey!” Ha-ha, couldn’t have said it better myself. But anyways, all is good now and Elder Sloan is eating much healthier.

On Wednesday, we had a good district meeting in the morning, and then that night a member of the bishopric took us and our investigator Conspiracy C to Boston Pizza for dinner!! It was great! He set it up on Sunday with him and we all had a good time. Conspiracy C played semi-pro hockey in Germany for eight seasons, and so he had lots of good stories to tell! During dinner, our member started talking about the Plan of Salvation (one of the few lessons we hadn’t taught him yet) and Conspiracy C had no idea what he was talking about. Unfortunately it was one of those, “We can become God.” type comments that missionaries love so much, so our member got him really pumped up to be taught the Plan of Salvation on Thursday!

Thursday! We weekly planned and then taught Conspiracy C that night! He is the biggest jokester ever, and during the lesson he told us that he had received an answer about Joseph Stalin being a prophet. “Don’t you mean Joseph Smith?” We asked.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I meant!” He said, “Well, the answer came in an unexpected way… it came in German.”

“Oh really? What was it?” (Previous to this, when we had asked him to be baptized August 30th, he had responded, “Holy Crap” in German. So we figured it was just that again…)

“It was Sieg Heil!” (Translation: Victory is Imminent)

His answer to Joseph Smith being a prophet was one of Hitler’s, and the Nazi’s, major phrases. Haha, so we told him to go pray about it again and to stop reading Hitler’s biography and the Book of Mormon at the same time. But other than that, the Plan of Salvation went great!

Friday was a crazy day! We taught our friends A and J (both have pretty bad memory problems and mild mental disorders), and both lessons went good. J told us he would stop smoking so he could get baptized on Sept. 6th; that was a step in the right direction! Then we taught Conspiracy C yet again that night. We had taught him all of the major lessons and committed him to the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity, so we just had one last hurdle before he was good to go: Tithing. So we took our English friend, and taught him the law of the fast (which he kind of brought up on his own) and the law of tithing. Well, suffice it to say that he won’t be getting baptized on the 30th unfortunately! Looks like he wasn’t as elect as we thought, but hopefully somewhere down the road we will try back with him and see more miracles!

On Saturday, a 14-year old girl the sisters were teaching got baptized! The service was EXCELLENT and Elder Bennett and I were pretty busy the whole night making sure the whole service ran smoothly for the sisters. The girl was confirmed on Sunday and the Bishop (who also baptized her) said that she was the missing piece in our young women that we didn’t know was missing. Her story is the definition of a Preach my Gospel baptism and conversion! The young women fellowshipped her so well, there was no way that she wasn’t going to get baptized haha. She was the huge miracle for the week because she was the first convert baptism of the year for Brookswood ward! Another one of the sister’s investigators is getting baptized this Saturday, and then Conspiracy C was supposed to be the next Saturday… but it looks like we will just have to keep looking!

Well that’s about it for this week everyone. The weather has been nice up here lately, but WAY too humid!! I hate the humidity! But other than that all is well! I hope you all have a great week! Love the end of the summer! I love you all! Talk to you later!!

–Elder Rushton The Third

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