Over the River, Thru the Woods and to North Shore We Go!



North Vancouver, Canada

Letter from Sept 2nd 2014

Hello friends and family! So today, the day after Labor Day (yes, they still have it here in Canada!) wraps up the craziest, but most fun week of my mission! First of all, we got transfer calls last night! So I started my mission in Penticton, crossed the Okanagan river to Brookswood (AKA. Brooks-Hood due to its Ghetto nature), and now I am traveling to Northshore Vancouver! I’m just working my way west across the province; kind of like the pioneers! Maybe I will head to Vancouver Island next… Guess we will have to wait six more weeks to find out!

It is a tad bitter-sweet leaving Brookswood after 7 1/2 months here. I’ve got a lot of good memories here and some really good friends both in the ward and in the missionary zone. But I swear I have talked to every single person in Langley city haha; it is time for me to go. If I was supposed to meet someone here during my stay, chances are I probably did since I talked to so many stinkin’ people! I’ve got a good number of members I’ve got to say goodbye too and a few non-members as well. You don’t realize how many friends you have somewhere until right before you leave!

So this week has been filled with craziness! I was on exchange with Elder Wood on Tuesday, and he taught me how to defend myself from someone with a knife and how to get someone in an arm bar. It was fun! Then I have been on exchange with one of our zone leaders, Elder Englestead (who came out with me and is from Cedar City, Utah!) since Wednesday night! We have been having a blast together; Elder Englestead is such a goof it’s awesome! Missionaries that are put in the YSA generally come out a lot funnier, and Elder Englestead is no different! He was very much a redneck back home, and he’s got a lot of funny stories. Yay for Southern Utah/Second Texas people!

We helped move people three different times this last week. The first was this non-member old lady into a retirement home and while we were moving her, these other old ladies kept trying to hit on me because of my “shiny blue basketball shorts”… I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in my life ha-ha-ha. (So awkward.) The second was a new member to the ward and the third was my good friend Brother C who has been trying to find a new place to live since I got here! The ward finally helped him find a new place, and we were very glad to help him move out of his super-ghetto apartment building where people get stabbed on a regular basis… Yay for moving!

We have had a pretty sparse teaching pool here in Brookswood since our one investigator was freaked out by tithing. But we have been doing a lot-of less-active work which has kept us surprisingly busy.  One Youth got back from EFY last week and he was super less active, but since he has been home we have been visiting him a lot and he is as good as reactivated now. Brother C, who is a recent convert, will also be going through the temple this month, and I’m still close enough to come back and go through with him! So that will be great.

The last amazing thing that happened last week is that Elder Richard J. Maynes of the Presidency of the Seventy had a special meeting with us!! He taught us some AWESOME deep doctrine and talked about how to create a Celestial mission, as well as other things. I actually heard him speak in the MTC and I didn’t like it that much…. but this was probably one of my favorite meetings I’ve had on my mission! General Authorities are always so awesome to go hear.

Well everyone, that’s about 1/10th of what happened this last week, but I hope you all enjoyed it! I’m excited to get another area under my belt, but the transition process to a new area always stinks a bit. But it should be an adventure! I love you all, and I hope every single one of you has a superb week! Goodbye for now!

–Elder Rushton The Third


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