Citylife in New Westminste​r —Oct 20th, 2014

Skyler’s New Area

Elder Bennett and Elder Rushton wearing the wolf shirts.

Ni Hao! Or as the white folk say, Hello! It has been another crazy transfer week, but I made it through and I’m sitting here e-mailing inside the British Columbia School of Law; so I guess that means I’m still in [...]

Water, Turkey, and a Dash of Transfers!–Skyler Oct 14th

Canadian Thanksgiving

Hello everyone! Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, so my e-mail is coming to ‘yall today! It has been dumping buckets on us all week, and yesterday some flooding started to happen in various places around our area. There were firetrucks all over the place yesterday in response to car accidents and flooding. [...]

Gathering All Kindreds, Tongues and People! Skyler 10/6/2014

To start off, I know that we are all sons and daughters of the same Heavenly Father! But over the centuries, differences in color, language and culture have created some of the races we know today. This week, I got to do some racial barrier breaking and it made for a pretty good time!

Remember That One Time…

Elder Skyler Rushton with Vancouver B.C. elders.

Remember that one time we drove over 600 miles in a week? Or when we exceeded 250 text messages in a day? Or when we got threatened at Surrey Central by some crazy guy with a mace (literally, [...]

Now, It’s a Young Man’s Game

Elder Skyler Rushton and Elder Bennett

Hello my family and my good friends! This has been another super crazy week in the land of British Columbia. I was transfered to North Vancouver about two weeks ago and had a pretty good time there! It was super pretty being right by the ocean and [...]

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