Now, It’s a Young Man’s Game

Elder's Rushton and Bennett

Elder Skyler Rushton and Elder Bennett

Hello my family and my good friends! This has been another super crazy week in the land of British Columbia. I was transfered to North Vancouver about two weeks ago and had a pretty good time there! It was super pretty being right by the ocean and I met some pretty crazy dudes!——

But now, I am no longer there… I have been transfered to the Fraser Valley YSA branch to be with the Langley YSA zone leaders, Elder Englestead and Elder Atwood! I got a call two days ago (Saturday) in the morning from the Assistants and they told me to pack my bags. Then we picked up Elder O’Brien’s new companion, Elder Guinn, from a trio that was in Vancouver and went to the Vancouver chapel. We were there, Van-Chinese was there, President and Sister Burt were there and of course Langley YSA was there. So then we parted ways and I have been in the YSA ever since! And wow, do I feel about five years younger… and I’m only 19…
So last week in North Vancouver was still a fun time! We went on exchanges with the Korean Elders and that was the biggest highlight of my time there! They are a trio right now because one of their greenies is coming late September. But they are the only Korean speaking missionaries in the mission right now, so they get to go wherever they want! I actually went to High School my Sophmore year with one of them! A guy named Joseph Robinson–Elder Robinson now. He is so awesome! I was with him and Elder Kennedy and we spent most of the day in Burnaby. I quickly realized that about 95% of the Asian people I see walking around are not Korean, but Chinese… hence we have a lot of Chinese speaking missionaries but not a lot of Korean. Also a lot of their English skills are remarkably good, so I didn’t get to sit back and relax on the exchange as much as I thought I would haha. We had this crazy good Chinese food and massive Bubble Tea Slushies (they are an Asian thing–SUPER good!) so that exchange was a boatload of fun!
Then everything else fun that has happened has happened since I’ve been in the YSA! It is so weird working with YSA people though, you have to strive a lot harder to be professional and not act like a YSA member hahaha. But it is a lot easier to get good fellowshippers and all of our members and investigators text, so it makes setting lessons up much easier! A lot of them have more flexible schedules too, so we teach a lot more and at pretty much any hour of the day! We met some crazy people at the various bus loops we went to last night. One in particular told me that I would have the most beautiful “white person face” if I ate 7-8 green apples every single day… his name was Bright, and he was a homless black guy from Liberia haha. Good times.
Well I’m about out of time for today!! But it has been a super crazy, super fun week for me here! I hope you all have a good time wherever you are in the world and that you know that I love you! Have a super good week everyone! I will talk to you later!
–Elder Rushton The Third

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