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Elder Rushton and Bennett

Elder Rushton and Elder Bennett

Hello friends and family! This was another week of hard work, miracles and loads of crazy people. Just like every other week it seems ha-ha! We met lots of cool people who were interested in learning more, and lots of crazy people who weren’t interested in the gospel, but sure were in talking about other weird stuff! But we still talked with everyone, and had good time.

Tuesday Elder Lunt and I were in Burnaby South with Elder Hall. We had a great exchange and their area covers the second biggest mall in Canada–The Metropolis at Metrotown! It’s pretty big! But there is an even bigger one in Alberta I’ve heard about that would be sweet to go to. Anyways, we spent a lot of our time contacting around the mall and at the bus loop. I don’t think I talked to any white people… There is another mall down the street called Crystal Mall and it is strictly Chinese. And unless you like pig hoof (turns out I don’t), I wouldn’t recommend eating there ha-ha! But their Bubble tea is good!

On Wednesday we had a sick district meeting and had a mini-exchange with the assistants! I ran into this crazy guy in Uptown New West that kept going off on “The Gods want this” and “the gods want that.” He was nuts. Then as we were leaving, he was busy yelling at his dog to not look at anyone else because he was his master. Good times in good ol’ New Westminster! On Thursday we weekly planned and taught a bunch of less-active members too! They were pretty normal days.

Friday, we went on another exchange! This time I was with another Assistant and we spent the day working together. It was really good! We taught some people, set some baptismal dates, and committed a less-active family to come back to church! It was a pretty miracle filled day! Saturday we were running around all over the place, and taught lessons practically all day. The Sabbath day was really good, and while we didn’t have any investigators show up, we had a couple less actives come. Our goal with my favorite family we’ve worked with is to get them sealed in February. Things are progressing really well for them right now, and I think we’ll be able to pull it off. That would be a miracle. And we’ve got the faith for it!

Well that’s really about it for this week! Sorry I didn’t have anything super crazy to talk about; it was a pretty standard week. But the coolest thing that happened this week happened on Sunday. We taught our good friend, ┬áset a baptismal date, and committed him to read and pray about the book of Mormon. We gave him Alma 7 to read and later that night he texted us and basically said, “I read what you guys gave me to read and I prayed about it. It felt really good. I believe it’s true. See you guys on Tuesday!” Miracle! He is totally getting baptized! Well have a great week everyone! The book of Mormon is true and the Atonement can change your life for the better! Repent and be baptized everyone! Love you all! Talk to you later!


–Elder Rushton The Third

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