#BecauseHeLives I’ll See Elder Shin Again!

Elder Skyler Rushton

Elder Skyler Rushton

Hello everyone!! This was an eventful week, capped off beautifully by Easter/Conference weekend! Monday night, Elder Robinson and I sent Elder Shin on the ferry to the Mainland so he could catch his flight on Wednesday back to New Zealand. It was an emotional goodbye for all of us. But our last day with him was one never to be forgotten! We spent it in Nanaimo with both sets of Elders there. We emailed in the morning, grabbed some Wendy’s, went bowling and then played some soccer in our proselyting clothes! Bowling–at a place called Splitsville–was a riot. The management loved that we were volunteers and gave us a ton of passes for free games in the future! Sick! I bowled a measly 133, but I was in the lead until the very end! Anyways… Soccer was a hoot too! It was a good last day for the Classic Courtenay Trio. Elder Robinson and I will still be together this transfer and because Jesus Christ lives, I will see Elder Shin again someday!!! Preferably in this life though.

Other big news: Karl M. Tilleman was called as an area seventy. Who’s that? My old mission president!!!!! I totally called it in one of my previous letters at the beginning of my mission! He is an incredible man, and he will do much good in his new calling! The rest of conference was spectacular too. I thoroughly enjoyed Elder Hollands talk (as always!), President Uchtdorf’s talk on Grace, Elder Bednar’s talk on Godly Fear and Elder Nielson’s talk on watch, wait and pray. I especially liked Elder Nielson’s because I’ve reactivated a couple people on my mission; the commonality between them all is that they were all loved by their families/wards, nothing was forced and they were consistently invited. It works miracles folks!
The Church’s new Easter video–#BecauseHeLives–has been huge for us too. I think we literally showed it to everyone we taught this last week… And they all loved it! At first I was like, “He is the Gift is better!” but now they are on equal planes in my book. It was a good ice breaker for explaining what Easter is to all of our non-Christian (Yet!) investigators. Even the member families liked it, and it always led to a great discussion. I just happened to finish the Gospel of John this week too, so Easter came at the perfect time. We had Easter dinner with our two favorite Indian investigators.   They are stressed about their finals this week, but they really seemed to enjoy having us come visit them to break up their study time. Most of our YSA investigators were pretty busy with that this week. However, we coordinated with the Bishopric this week and between active, less-active and investigator YSA, we have about 30 names–about 15 actively attending church, and 25-ish attending YSA activities. So if all goes well, we might just establish the Courtenay YSA before I leave here! That would be a miracle and a half.
One of my old comps, Elder Lunt, is now in the District!
I also hit my 20 month mark yesterday!
I had my best transfer results-wise this last transfer, and we pretty much successfully reactivated this Chinese girl over the last few weeks. I mention her because she got us really good on April Fool’s day. We had a lesson with her earlier in the day and watched #BecauseHeLives, talked about it, invited her to conference (she came!) and somewhere along the way explained what April Fool’s day was all about. Then we totally forgot about that and later in the day got a text from her that said, simply, “I have cancer.” We FREAKED OUT!!!! Haha, oh man, it was bad. We even told this family we were teaching about it when they kept complaining about how life wasn’t fair. It gave us a good opportunity to testify though. Anyways, Wendy neglected to tell us until a couple hours later that it was a joke —haha.
On my mission I’ve come to appreciate Asian humor, but what she did was just a little much! Well that was pretty much the week in a very large nutshell! I love you all so much! You are so great. I hope you all have an amazing week! Love you bye!!
–Elder Rushton The Third

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  • LeAnn Rushton

    Conference really was wonderful! I always love to hear Elder Holland, President Uchdorf, Elder Eyring,President Monson, Elder Bednar, Elder Perry, and so on clear through all of the speakers!. Elder Nelson’s talk especially moved me when he talked about waiting and praying! I am so thankful that Heavenly Father has brought forth these wonderful leaders to uplift us! I am glad that your mission is going well! We love you and pray for you always!
    Uncle Darrel and Aunt LeAnn

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