Subject……..Missions, Rock!

Elder Shin and Elder Rushton

Elder Shin with Elder Skyler Rushton

Hello to my Friends and Family both home and abroad! I love you all and pray for you daily. So, I couldn’t think of a so called “clever” subject for this email. So I chose the first two words that came to my head: Missions and Rock. Missions, because I’m on a mission of course, I have other friends and family on missions and all of the YSA investigators we are teaching want to go on missions! Rock, because Jesus is the Rock, I’m serving on a rock (Vancouver Island!), we traveled to another rock (Denman Island!) via. Ferry this week and the words “Missions Rock” just sound so right being placed next to each other! Alright, let’s get onto the week ha-ha.

At the beginning of the week, Elder Robinson and I were asked to give training on the Doctrine of Christ for a zone meeting on Wednesday. So we started preparing for it, and decided we were going to commit all the missionaries in the zone to teach the DOC (also known as the Gospel of Jesus Christ) to all of their investigators that week. We also decided if we were going to commit them to do that, we might as well start doing it ourselves! So we did, and miracles followed. We were on a trio exchange with our zone leader, Elder Lewis (who I came out with), on Tuesday and one person we taught was a lady.   We taught her the DOC and invited her to be baptized. In response, she said she had read 3/4′s of the Book of Mormon we had left her 4 days prior, prayed about it, knew it was true, knew Joseph Smith was a prophet and that of course she would be baptized “again” (she was baptized Pentecostal in the past). Our jaws hit the floor. Such a miracle! So at our training of Wednesday, we told that experience at the end of our training and committed everyone to go out and have their own! We’ve been getting texts back of missionaries having similar experiences. The Doctrine of Christ is also the Rock, and missionary work is built on it. It is perfect and it is our purpose as missionaries. We also taught our other friend the DOC out of the BOM–2 Nephi 31, 3 Nephi 11–and he LOVED it! Here is a man who a month ago was Hindu, worshiped Lord Sceva (a Hindu God), didn’t know anything about Jesus Christ and was an alcoholic. Now, he is one of the most converted people I’ve ever taught on my mission, loves Christ, has an enormous knowledge of the Gospel, wants to serve a mission and has been sober for nearly two weeks. He’s not baptized yet, but he’s coming!

The other major experience was trip #2 to Denman Island since I’ve been in Courtenay! We got a referral from a Bishop in Edmonton for a female investigator who was blessed as a baby, never baptized, and was supposedly ready for the gospel. So we planned the trip out, took the ferry over, and drove to the far side of the island where she lived. Now, Elder Shin, Robinson and I had been there 7 weeks ago to find some less-actives with no success, so we had decided to tract a street before we left. We said a prayer, drove, found a street and knocked on all the doors. We met some cool people, but didn’t have much success. Then Elder Robinson and I came back this last Friday and of course the referral lived on the one street we tracted two months ago! Crazy!

It was the only house that hadn’t answered when we were there before, so we were excited for what was going to happen! We met her and she was super cool, we had a good discussion, but she wasn’t overly interested in the gospel. We gave her a BOM, pamphlets and our phone number in case she ever wanted us to come back (considering it’s about an hour journey plus a ferry ride to get to Denman, we probably wouldn’t come back on our own ha-ha). We walked back to the car and I looked down at my watch to discover that we only had 5 minutes before the ferry left… And we were on the other side of the island!!! So we booked it across the Island!! I pulled into the ferry parking lot as the last car was getting on and drove up right behind it. So, by the grace of God we made it onto the ferry and didn’t have to be stuck there for a couple more hours!! God is real! And so good!

Those were the main events of the week! The province/mission also did a big media blitz called #RealBCMormons on Saturday, but in a little ho-dunk town like Courtenay, not much was done for it. We met lots of cool people, taught lessons, set baptismal dates, had two of the only YSA sisters in the ward sit WAY TOO CLOSE to me and enjoyed sunny weather for the majority of the week. Just another standard week in the service of the Lord! I love you all and I hope your weeks go well! Remember to carry the Spirit with you wherever you go. Talk to you all laters!

–Elder Rushton The Third

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  • LeAnn Rushton

    I loved this letter! What a gr eat mission you are having! Thanks for the great example you are setting We love you and always pray for you!

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