Meeting Mormons in the Spring

Elder Lewis and Elder Rushton

Elder Lewis and Elder Rushton

Hello everyone!! This has been a good week, really busy, but really rewarding. The major event was our YSA activity on Sunday where we watched, “Meet The Mormons”! It was funny, because we told everyone we were showing it but never actually got a copy of the movie… So we asked around a church and luckily somebody had ordered it on Amazon! Thank Jehovah for the internet. So we used their copy and showed our group of YSA. It went over great! Probably the best church produced film I’ve ever seen.

Other than that, this week was just filled with exchanges! On Tuesday, Elder Lunt (one of my former companions!) came to Courtenay with me! It’s funny because he served here a year ago for 4 1/2 months, but not a soul here remembers him… Ha-ha, hopefully I’m not that way in my old areas. So that exchange was great, then we had district meeting the next day, Elder Swallow (I used to be in a district with him) came with Elder Robinson and I on Thursday for the day, then Elder Lewis (who came out with me) came with me on Saturday! So LOTS of exchanges! The members were thoroughly confused about what was going on ha-ha.

We saw lots of miracles, like Elder Lewis and I teaching the Law of Chastity and Tithing! Our investigator is getting baptized this Saturday and we aren’t able to meet with him during the week, so he still had some stuff to be taught. So Elder Lewis and I covered everything else that he needed to know, and he is on track to get dunked this weekend. Pray for him!

So our investigator is probably the most normal person I’ve ever gotten to teach and baptize. He is 24, is in the Air Force, lifts weights, was vegan when we first started teaching him, but then had a pizza and gave up on that ha-ha… and loves the gospel. He is a recovered alcoholic who recently became Christian, and he is “stoked to be baptized in the Holy Spirit!”–as he said in a text the other day ha-ha! He’s great. He came to an FHE/dinner at a member’s house with us this week, met with him on Saturday, came to church Sunday,” Meet The Mormons” that night and he’s being interviewed on Tuesday for his baptism. His first lesson was my third day in Courtenay. He is such a huge miracle!! A guy I taught in Van YSA got baptized this last weekend. I guess March showers are bringing April baptisms or something clever like that ha-ha.

That was the week in a nut shell! The weather has been fantastic on the Island so no complaints there, our University student/investigators are all done with finals so it should be a great week for teaching them! Courtenay is the place to be! I love you all! Keep being awesome and always live the commandments! It brings blessings and true freedom! Talk to you all later

–Elder Rushton The Third

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  • LeAnn Rushton

    You sound very busy and very happy doing the work of the Lord! We think that it is great that you have been having such a great mission! We are proud of you and love you lots! Our prayers are with you always!
    Uncle Darrel and Aunt LeAnn

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