Baptism By Immersion In Water And Fire

Elder Skyler Rushton

Elder Skyler Rushton

Hello friends and family, brothers and sisters, brethren and… sistren? It has been another eventful week in the Canada Vancouver mission! This was the week of an investigators baptism in Courtenay. He was baptized by Elder Robinson on Saturday and then confirmed by Elder Rushton (that would be me for those of you who didn’t realize…) in sacrament meeting on Sunday. Both were intensely spiritual experiences and the ward was very, very happy that they were getting another strong member of the church! He is so awesome. He had his interview on Tuesday by our district leader, then we taught him about temples. He is already looking past baptism to get the work done for his ancestors, and then to even get his endowments!! He is so awesome. Future Elders Quorum President right there! His story is as follows: He was an alcoholic, changed his life about a year ago and became Christian, ran into Elder Shin the day before I got to Courtenay, had his first lesson my third day in Courtenay, progressed really well until his friend antied him. (Gave him some Anti-Mormon Literature)Then, after falling out of contact for a few weeks, decided this really IS the path he wants to follow, came to church and got baptized three weeks later. He is amazing.

So this investigator wasn’t the only one to get baptized this week that I’ve taught; another contact got baptized in Vancouver YSA! So here is a 24 year old Muslim kid from Iran who has a masters in Engineering, didn’t believe in God, was coming to church because he thought the sister missionaries were cute… And was all up in arms because he saw a picture of Joseph Smith in the front of the pass out Book Of Mormon’s and said, “Why is he dressed so nice?! I heard Jesus wore sandals!” Anyways, during my time in the Vancouver YSA we would talk about baptism, and he said if he ever knew he would get baptized. Then he was always very quick to say that he didn’t believe it ha-ha. So I guess he took a two week road trip to California after I left and during the drive with his father, who is also Muslim, he had the thought, “You know, none of these people would be here right now without Jesus Christ… I should show my appreciation for him and get baptized.” And boom, two Sunday’s later he was baptized! So awesome.

So those are just two of the miraculous stories that I have been lucky to be a part of throughout my mission. God is so good. The rest of the week, I got my contacts story from a past companion–Elder Atwood–when I was down in Richmond on Friday. We ferried down there for a meeting Thursday night, worked in Richmond & Tswassen for the rest of Friday, and ferried back Saturday morning for the baptism! Then, while tracting on Sunday, some crazy drunk Hindu people gave us water and some dude tried to hit us with a wrench when we knocked on his door at 8:30… Some people are umm, really funny?? Ha-ha, good memories though. Well that’s about it for the week! I love you all! Talk to you later! Love you bye!

–Elder Rushton The Third

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