Missionary Work and Bunnies

Elder Skyler Rushton with pig

Elder Skyler Rushton on the farm.

What is the relation between missionary work and bunnies? A lot actually. They both come out of places that you just aren’t expecting. Like bunnies out of a hole behind the church, or missionary opportunities in the washroom of a gas station. You just never know. Also, sometimes when you are walking around on Vancouver Island and there are like eight wild bunnies on a lawn, you just have to chase them. Same goes for missionary work. Sometimes you are tracting on a street and a van with eight Jehovah’s Witnesses pulls up and you just have to talk to them. These things tend to happen a little TOO often ha-ha.

So this week was pretty sweet. It is no longer sweater weather! It’s too hot for that now. But I guess that’s a good thing. Except the bees, mosquito’s and bunnies are out now. All tend to ruin door approaches and contacts on the street ha-ha. Vancouver Island is the place to be though and I really hope I get to stay when transfers come next week! We had a zone meeting in Nanaimo on Wednesday which was awe inspiring, except we are no longer allowed to wear khaki pants :( that’s ok, they aren’t my style anyways ha-ha. We gave a blessing to an investigator that day too because his spleen was practically exploding. He ended up in the hospital later that week, but we heard today that’s he’s doing a lot better! Miracles!

What else happened this week…. Hmm, well we taught a LOT of people which we have been super blessed with! And we actually found a surprising number of new people to teach. The Lord is good! This one couple we are teaching is really awesome. They were atheist and missionaries talked to them in January, started teaching them, but then one said, “We just aren’t ready right now. Come back in April.” So we came back in April and man, they are so ready! Our investigator even said his prayer for us this week which was amazing. So hopefully more big things are on the way for the mission life of Elder Rushton!!

Well those are the things I can think of to share. My trainer, the former Elder Sly, is having a kid later this year…. so I feel REALLY old now! Haha, that blew my mind when he told me. The former Elder Shin finally emailed me from New Zealand this week too! So that was awesome. Overall it’s just been a great week! I hope all of you have a great week, that you enjoy the weather, love life and follow Jesus! Love you all! Talk to you later! Bye for now!

–Elder Rushton

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