Elder’s Rushton, Swallow, Higley–Nanaimo 2.0

Elder Skyler Rushton and pig

Elder Skyler Rushton staring down the sow.

Hello everyone!! So transfers have totally come and gone this week. I am in Nanaimo in a tri with Elder Higley and Elder Swallow! Tri-life is awesome and there is never a dull moment. Another huge advantage is that we can do splits with a member to go teach, while the other two go out and find. It’s pretty handy! Nanaimo is on fire right now, and the weather is gorgeous which just adds to the excitement.

On Monday through Wednesday, we had Elder Haskins with us while we waited for our new companions. It was great and we had a couple legit days with each other; then Elder Higley showed up on the ferry Wednesday morning! He was coming from Langley YSA (where I used to serve) so we had a lot to talk about, and a lot of instant connections. He is 25 years old, from Tacoma, Washington and he’s a boss. Elder Higley’s first day here, we actually sent him on an exchange with the Port Alberni Elders because the spirit told us too. It was super inspired and helped bring the area alive–it was also one of the most beautiful drives I’ve had on my mission! You drive through a place called “Cathedral Grove” which is the forest where they totally filmed Star Wars (the Endor part, with the Ewoks and whatnot). Super awesome!

Friday was super busy. We gave a homeless Native named a church tour, set baptismal dates with a sweet YSA couple, and just worked our butts off. Saturday was also busy, and the investigator I baptized got confirmed on Sunday! Not necessarily an “action packed” week, but definitely a busy one where we just got it done. It is the beginning of a new transfer and we’ve got some big plans to help the mission baptize 60 people a month (which has been the standing goal), and the zone to baptize 9 this month. Good times are on the way!!

So yeah, that’s pretty much it for the week. It’s one of those weeks where a TON happened, but nothing specific that I can remember… So hopefully next weeks is better ;)  Well I love you all! I hope your week goes incredible! Love ya bye!

–Elder Rushton The Third

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  • LeAnn Rushton

    I really enjoy your letters–especially the last two. I love how busy you have been! I think that we are always happiest when we are busy and doing the Lord’s work. Aren’t we blessed to have the Gospel and the wonderful leaders in it! I am thankful that we are blessed with a Church that affords us the opportunities to serve and develop our talents–no matter what our ages are! Take care of yourself and know that you have our prayers and thoughts with you!
    Love from Uncle Darrel and Aunt LeAnn

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