Nanaimo–Surrey By The Sea (+ Madre’s Day:)

Elder Skyler Rushton Skype'ing

Elder Skyler Rushton Skype’s on Mother’s Day

So Surrey, British Columbia has a reputation as the most dangerous city in British Columbia. My new area, Nanaimo, has the nickname of “Surrey By The Sea”. Just to give you an idea of what it’s like, they had a full blown swat team downtown last week. That was pretty cool, but definitely freaky at the same time haha! But before my mother starts to get worried, the weather has been gorgeous and I change my socks every day! So you can take some comfort in that. My “new” companion is Elder Swallow, except I’ve actually already been here 2 weeks, replacing Elder Lewis who went to be an Assistant. Nanaimo has been good to me already–I got to baptize someone myself for the first time on my mission! And it was on Mother’s day! More on that later.

The week! Was crazy! So Tuesday morning, we left for Powell River–you drive an hour North to Comox, then take a 2 hour ferry to the mainland. The weather was great and the ride was smooth. We went on exchanges there for the day and had lots of miracles from the minute we got off the ferry! The next day, we took the ferry again back to the Island for a district meeting, and totally saw some Orca’s during the trip! Legit. Couldn’t get any pictures though, because as soon as they popped out of the water, EVERYONE on the ship gathered around the edge of the boat! Haha, it was crazy. Then we had district meeting the next day, drove back to Nanaimo and taught some lessons. Being out of your area for almost two whole days means you have to work EXTRA hard when you get back to have a solid week–so we were on overdrive for the rest of the week.

Thursday we weekly planned, did another exchange with the other Nanaimo Elders, and exchanged back the next day. Elder Lewis had to get all of his stuff packed so he could leave on the Saturday morning ferry, and we visited lots of people so he could say goodbye. Friday was the first of our baptisms, and while it was just a child of record, there were a TON of non-members! We were very glad about that, and got a solid return appointment from it. Saturday night, Elder Swallow and I drove up to Courtenay for the baptism of an investigator who I had found and taught while I was there. It was super awesome, and I got to fill in and speak on the Holy Ghost. They also didn’t have a piano player…. so luckily Elder Swallow was able to plunk out a couple hymns for them.

Sunday–Mother’s Day– was a gong show. But a good gong show! Previously in the week, the Bishop had told us he didn’t want a baptism on Sunday (due to mother’s day) but the Assistants to President Burt asked us to make sure it happened. So we did and got Bishop’s approval, but the turnout was very sparse. Our investigator had asked me earlier in the week to baptize her, and I was freaking out about it all. Week. Long. But it all worked out, and I only had to dunk her once!! It was another super awesome baptismal service and she was stoked to get baptized!

Well I am officially out of time today because we had to run a missionary to the ferry for transfers, but I love all of you sooooo much! Keep being amazing. The gospel is true, the power of God is manifest in the ordinances of His gospel and Jesus Christ’s church is back on the Earth! Talk to you all later!!

–Elder Rushton

Note: (Skyler’s companion Elder Swallow is actually the Nephew of someone Miriam work’s with–small world!)

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