Transit-Transfers-Tacos & My Last Six Weeks June 22 2015

Elder Skyler Rushton P-Day

Elder Skyler Rushton on P-Day

This was another scorching week here on Vancouver Island! A LOT went down–especially near the end of the week–but my email title sums it all up in one great sentence: Transit-Transfers-Tacos & My Last Six Weeks. We took our car into the auto body shop on Tuesday where they said, “Oh yeah, we will have it back to you in three days, tops.” Well, here we stand on Monday with still no car… Come on guys!! So that royally blew sometimes, but it wasn’t all bad. We met lots of cool people we wouldn’t have met otherwise riding the buses all around Nanaimo. I got a nice break from it for a day on exchanges with the Courtenay Elders, but other than that we walked a lot. It was a good week for getting in shape, but after an entire week of being on transit I still weigh the same :(  Oh well, at this rate we may be on transit for another week.

Monday we played some basketball with Nanaimo South and then watched “Meet The Mormons” with some of our investigators for an FHE activity. That was pretty sweet. One of them to come was an investigator and apparently Monday night was the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals (thank goodness we weren’t out tracting during the game–that got ugly last year!) and he missed it to come see the movie. Well, our member with the disc had misplaced it so he was late getting to the activity, so we started the movies late, and our investigator missed the whole game. He didn’t seem too peeved at the activity, but the next day we went to go see him and his landlord told us we were no longer allowed in his building and that we weren’t to contact him ever again… There were a lot of holes in the whole situation, so we might try to contact him later to see really what the heck happened. It wouldn’t be the first time I had to go back into “enemy” territory to contact an investigator!  So that was weird.

On Wednesday we had district meeting and then went to Taco Bell afterwards–hence the “Tacos” part of the title. Later we took out our missionary in the zone sick with vertigo to get him used to working again, and he’s finally back to his own area as of Friday! Elder Higley has been down there helping them out for the last two weeks, and he will finally come back up here today! Yay! I nicknamed him “Dad” because he’s 26 and old enough to be a father. Since I couldn’t call my real father on Father’s day, I called Elder Higley and wished him happy father’s day ha-ha! It was pretty funny. But on that note: Happy Father’s day real dad! I love you! Sorry for not getting you a card! They are grossly overpriced over here–like everything else!

Thursday, we had a lesson with a lady that called us on Monday while we were emailing. She said she wanted to “get together and talk about the bible. Specifically the book of Revelation.” Perfect! So we had our lesson with her on Thursday, and she had actually gotten ahold of the Relief Society President and her husband (the 1st counselor in the Bishopric) to have them come and talk too! So we were all geared up for a weird lesson, and it totally was! Just not how we were expecting! She had all these charts and stuff; she wanted to talk about this “planet X” and how it’s coming in between us and the sun in September, how almost every major bible event is involved with this planet’s rotation, etc. It was… Crazy, to say the least. But she is pretty cool and will probably start coming to church so she’s “ready for the world to end.” Sweet! That’s all that matters to me. So if the world ends in September everyone, “make sure you are paying your tithing!”–Elder Swallow

On Friday we went on Exchanges with Courtenay and I got to go there with Elder Salazar–my favorite  Guatemalan Elder! We had a really good time and I got to see all of my recent converts up there! Another one of our investigators is planning to get dunked on July 3rd, so that will be sweet as well. We took Akshay, who was just baptized last Sunday, to a bunch of lessons with us and he bore some sick testimony on how he felt when he got baptized. He’s so awesome. Elder Burns–one of the senior couple missionaries–bought us and the Courtenay Elders Korean BBQ and Sushi when we exchanged back! It was a great exchange.

Then the last big event from the week was transfer calls! I… Am staying here to finish my mission! Yay! I’m sick of getting new area’s ha-ha. Elder Swallow is leaving to a place called Willoughby, Elder Higley is staying with me and… we are getting another third!!! Elder Bonfield is also coming here!! He started his mission in my district when I was in Langley! Elder Mandin is coming to Nanaimo South and he started his mission in my district in Penticton. Lastly, Elder Wood is coming to Duncan, and he started his mission in my district in Langley as well! So, a super legit zone for my last six weeks! I’m stoked.

Well that’s the update for the week everyone! I love you all and I hope your summer solstice yesterday was spectacular! Let me know if there is anything I can do for any of you, and continue to enjoy your summer!

–Elder Rushton The Third… The Last Elder Rushton On A Mission!

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