Road Trip Exchanges, Costco Food & Miracles Out The Wazzu!

Elder Skyler Rushton and companions

Elder Skyler Rushton with Vancouver companions

Hello everyone! This was a really spectacular week where we really moved the needle and saw miracles!

We left last Monday night after P-day to travel to Courtenay for the first stop of our North Island/Sunshine Coast Road Trip. We went on exchanges with those Elders–I was with Elder Anderson who I actually used to be companions with! We started out the day with almost no plans, but then I figured we should stop by some people that I used to work with when I was there. We re-found a sweet couple-that-I used to teach, mowed some guys lawn with his riding lawn mower (that was more fun than it probably should have been!) and ultimately just had an extremely productive day.

After our exchange in Courtenay, we took the 2 hour ferry to Powell River to go on exchanges there. We had district meeting via the phone on the ferry, finally landed in Powell River and drove to their chapel which is a converted Baptist church! After lunch, Elder Higley and I went with Elder Haskins and literally taught ALL DAY LONG!! It was sweet but man, we were sure busy! Those Elders had a whopping 35 member present lessons this week which is just unreal, as well as a baptism on Saturday that President Burt attended! So basically, Powell River, a small town on the “Sunshine Coast” as it’s called, is just exploding with the gospel. They are a branch right now, so hopefully in a year or so they can finally become a ward!

After our sweet exchange in Powell River on Wednesday, we got back on the ferry and headed back to Vancouver Island (at this point I came to a startling realization that I’ve been living on an island for the last 6 months!). We weekly planned on the boat and when we got off, we hit up the Costco in Courtenay for some Costco dogs and poutine! The food there is legit and cheap–perfect for a missionary! And my companions both have memberships, so that just puts all the pieces in place for a great lunch. After that, we drove down to Port Alberni and met up with those Elders. Elder Higley and I went with Elder Hansen (from Provo!) for the last few hours of Thursday and most of Friday. By Thursday night, we had 2 new, 2 MPL’s, and 2 new baptismal dates! That was a legit miracle for Port Alberni–their areas been dead for a while. Friday was also great and they ended up hitting the mission standards for the first time in transfers this week! So the road trip = huge success.

For ourselves, we got back to our area Friday night and in four hours; we had 4 MPL’s, 3 new investigators and a new baptismal date. By the next day, we had already hit the mission standards, and then Sunday’s results were just the icing on top. It was honestly the craziest thing ever and I have no idea how everything seemed to work out just right, but I’m not complaining! God is good! ¬†Our sweet grandma investigator, is getting closer and closer to baptism every day, but her date is for after I get home. So I might miss it, but as long as she gets dunked, I’ll be happy.

The last major miracle of the week was when I got on to email and I saw a sister, an eternal investigator I taught in Brookswood–got baptized this week! Tiny but gigantic miracles like that have kept me pretty motivated this whole year of 2015.

Well, I’m about out of time, but I want you all to know that I love you! God loves you! The Savior loves you! And we are all rooting for you. Live the gospel, put others first and everything works out for you in the end. That is definitely what I learned this week. Have a great week everyone! Love you bye!!


–Elder Rushton The Third


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  • LeAnn Rushton

    Thanks for sharing your mission through your letters! They have meant a lot to me. I pass on the news to Uncle Darrel, so we both enjoy your activities. What a great mission you have had! What lucky people you have taught. Take care of yourself and God bless you always!
    Love from Uncle Darrel and Aunt LeAnn

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