The Work is Hastening

Elder Rushton and Elder Sly in their Penticton apartment

Hello everyone!

So this week was pretty sweet! It started off slow, but picked up as the week went on. So since my last e-mail (where I complained about the rain… a lot haha) it has rained every single day. Last night was a ferocious [...]

Rain, Rain…..Get out of here already!

Skyler and Elder Sly at the US-Canadian border

So yeah, along with the title of this e-mail; it has rained every single day this week!!!!!!! I don’t remember the last time I saw the sun now! Ahh! It’s also getting a lot colder up here haha, but I still love it!

So this week [...]

Interesting Penticton People

Downtown Penticton

So this week was pretty super crazy. We met a TON of interesting people and pulled off six new investigators–which is a lot more than this area has had in the past. I’ll include some of their stories into my letter today; hope you enjoy!

First Investigator:

She was the first and [...]

A (normal?) week in Penticton‏


Skyler’s current city. Penticton BC, Canada

Hey everyone!

So sadly enough, our last 2 hopefuls are no longer investigators. One claims that God told him to read the ENTIRE BIBLE before he meets with us again haha. He was like, “Yeah come back in 30-60 days and I’ll be done.” Haha, yeah [...]

My First Real Week—Sept 2nd letter

Penticton BC, Canada at night.

Hello there friends and family! I’ll warn you right now, this is a long email. But I implore you to at least read the last paragraph. It is my testimony and what I really truly think of my mission thus far.

Well it’s been one full week here in [...]

Skyler has been home this long-

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