Christmas Redemption

Skyler and the Vancouver Elders.

How awesome would “Christmas Redemption” be for a holiday movie? Very much so if you ask me!

This week was great! We caroled downtown for FHE and, while it was SUPER awkward at first, it was [...]

Christmas Time….It’s Here! Dec 22, 2014

Skyler and Elder Englestead

Hello everyone! It is the week of Christmas and stuff is nuts. I am in the Vancouver YSA right now for those I haven’t been able to tell, and I am with an Elder Snelgrove and Elder Anderson. It’s pretty great! We have been going to Downtown Vancouver all week [...]

Christmas Lights Dec 15, 2014

Skyler Tries Glasses

Well, I’ve got zero time to write a letter for you all this week! But I just wanted to let all of you know that I love you so much!!! You all mean a lot to me and I hope your Christmas season is going great!

This week I was [...]

Firing Up the Christmas Spirit

Elder Skyler Rushton

Hello everyone! This week, the Christmas season was launched for us! We had a bunch of conference calls, a district meeting, and another fireside at church about the church’s “He is the Gift” initiative that they just started. They are really going at it full force! The “He is the Gift” [...]

Christmas Season #2: Share the Gift

Elder Skyler Rushton and Elder Wood

All of my fellow missionary comrade’s will get the hash tag! If you don’t, check out and watch the video! Then you will get it!

So, hello friends and family! It snowed up here on Friday–the day we had a nice Filipino-American Thanksgiving dinner!– and the snow [...]

Skyler has been home this long-

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